Ecovillaggio Torri Superiore

Ecovillage & Sustainability

The Torri Superiore Cultural Association was founded in 1989 with the aim to restore and repopulate the medieval village in a state of abandonment, to support the creation of a resident community, and to contribute to the creation of an ecovillage and a cultural center open to the public.

Welcome to Torri Superiore


The creation of a resident community is one of the founding purposes of the Cultural Association.
After the first years of fluctuation and instability, the current group was formed around year 2000, and presently has about 20 permanent members, including 8 children/teenagers. It meets once a week and uses consensus decision-making method. The common language of the group is Italian, although not all residents are Italians. Every household is a complete unit with its own kitchen, but the residents prefer to eat almost always together in the common dining rooms of the guesthouse.

Sustainability in practice

Restoration of the village

In 1989 Torri Superiore was a ghost village, with only one tenacious inhabitant, Nando, guarding the fortress and waiting to pass the baton to his long awaited successors. The dream to transform Torri Superiore was born from a small group of ecologists, mainly but non only from Turin: to save and give new life to the beautiful ruined village, abandoned for decades, a few steps from the village of Torri, still populated and active. It versed in disastrous and precarious conditions: collapsed vaults, cracked walls enveloped by ivy, many cellars invaded by rubbish, the humidity that reigned everywhere. Yet the charm of the medieval Village (XIII century) was intact, and the enormous determination of the founders of the Cultural Association has led, with great commitment, to the opening of the building site to recover  the entire borrough with green building techniques . Thirty years later, the ecovillage is entirely recovered and unrecognizable.
The extraordinary beauty of the village and the peculiarity of its history have made Torri Superiore famous all over the world.

volunteer work

We very often host people interested in the life of the Ecovillage, permaculture and community life. For many years (1992 / 2008) We have hosted international volunteer camps in collaboration with Legambiente
( and Servizio Civil