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The medieval village of Torri Superiore is a small jewel of popular architecture located at the foothill of the Ligurian Alps, a few kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea and the French border, close to the coastal town of Ventimiglia. Originating in the thirteen century, the village is structured in three main bodies with more than 160 rooms, all connected by an intricate fabric of stairways.

Its complex structure has often been compared to a fortress or a labyrinth, perched on the mountainside. The village has been entirely restored and is now open to ecotourism, for courses, meetings and programs of environmental education, and offers an accommodation for stays and vacations.

It is perfect for people interested in getting to know Ecovillage life and looking for a holiday in a natural environment full of suggestions.

The borough di Torri Superiore is ideally located for hiking and excuriosn. The guesthouse offers single, double and multiple rooms, and a large room for conventions, trainings and cultural activities.

The activities at Torri Superiore are managed by three interrelated and partly overlapping organisms: the Association, the Cooperative and the community.

The Association

The Torri Superiore Cultural Association was founded in 1989 with the social aim to restore and repopulate the medieval village in a state of abandonment, to support the creation of a resident community, and to contribute to the creation of an ecovillage and a Cultural Center open to the public.

Excerpt from the statute: “The association is non – profit, it aims to promote the settlement of its associates in Torri Superiore Superior  to give life to a community based on harmony and respect for people, nature and the environment, overcoming every type of dogma and pre-constituted ideology. It identifies as the foundation of its experience the desire to seek and propose ways of life and relationship fraternal and solidarian, promoting the personal and evolution of individuals and of the group, respecting the times and material and spiritual needs of everyone involved. “

The association has about 30 members, both residents and non-residents, and it puts into practice principles of sustainability, cooperation and solidarity. The association does not have political, ideological or religious positions, but it bases its vision on the objectives stated in its articles.  The general programs of activity of the association and of the Ecovillage, including ecotourism, are decided by the Assembly of the Members which meets twice a year (in April and November). The Board of Directors, composed of 7/9 members is elected every other year between residents and non-residents; it usually meets every two or three months.

The cultural association owns the public part of the medieval village, currently used as a holiday home and managed by Ture Nirvane Cooperative Company Ltd.

The Ture Nirvane cooperative company Ltd.

The Torri Superiore Cultural Association has destined a large part of the ecovillage to a cultural center open to the public.

The structure features a holiday centre with a “guesthouse” license, a dining area and ample facilities dedicated to training activities, courses and seminars. The hospitality is managed by the cooperative company Ture Nirvane Ltd., founded in 1999 by members of the Cultural Association. We have chosen to set up a cooperative company because we are a non-profit enterprise, and we believe in the values of direct participation of members, where power and responsibility are shared.

The cooperative is comprised of 7 members and employs 5 people, most of them women. It is supported on a voluntary basis by the resident community in daily tasks such as errands, cleaning and cooking.

The cooperative Ture Nirvane is a member of Legacoop Liguria, Banca Popolare Etica, Cooperfidi and Confcommercio.

The resident community

The community resident at Torri Superiore began with a first small group in 1993, and now has about 20 permanent members, including 8 children and teenagers. Although it is not easy to define what keeps us together as a community, we could be described as people engaged in a common project of reconstruction of the abandoned country, education and responsible life with low environmental impact. Every household has a living unit with its own kitchen, but we prefer to eat almost always together in the common rooms of the guesthouse.

The residents of the community follow the daily activities that take place in Torri: organizing events, celebrations, parties, artistic activities, coordinating the management of restoration yards, and developing the agriculture programs (which at the time They include an olive oil production in collaboration with local farmers, vegetables and fruit for self-consumption)

The community meets once a week and makes its own decisions based on the method of consensus. The common language of the group is Italian.

To join the community it is necessary to attend the Ecovillage in a continuative way, to know personally all the residents and as many non-resident members as possible. After a first period of mutual knowledge, it is possible to apply as “resident candidates” and, if the community agrees, start the time of the trial year. Every three months the placement path of the candidate is examined and you decide whether or not to continue the experience. At the end, if the outcome is favorable, you become part of the community in all respects. Candidates, like all residents, must assume the burden of their own maintenance (food and accommodation costs).

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The objectives

The general objectives of the Association and the Ecovillage, including the ecotourism programmes, are decided by the Assembly of Associates, which meets twice a year (in April and November). The Board of Directors, composed of 9 members elected every two years between residents and non-residents, usually meets every two or three months.

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