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GEN Europe - Global Ecovillage Network Europe

global ecovillage network torri superiore

The GEN network (Global Ecovillage Network, is a worldwide informative and educational service, supporting ecovillages and intentional communities, and the people interested in this great reality. Founded in 1995, it counts thousands of members and promotes the model of Ecovillage development and eco-tourism to national and international bodies, including the UN ECOSOC commission, of which it is an advisory member.

From 1999 to 2003 Torri Superiore hosted the regional secretariat of the European Network (GEN-Europe,

RIVE Italian Network of Eco - Villages

rive torri superioreIn addition to playing an important role in the development of the Global Ecovillage Network, Torri Superiore is a founding member of R.I.V.E. (Italian Network of Eco Villages,, which brings together at national level the most significant experiences of eco-community and ecological life. It is currently composed of many experiences organized in different groups: established ecovillages, ecovillages under construction, ecovillage projects. Every year the network R.I.V.E. organizes a summer meeting attended by hundreds of people interested in the topics of community living.

Legacoop Liguria - Traveling together, a cooperative experience

Torri Superiore is part of the “Turismo di Valore” project promoted by Legacoop Liguria. The catalogue “Travelling together, a cooperative experience” ( presents 23 Ligurian cooperatives active in the tourism sector.

AIAB Certification - Italian Association of Organic Agriculture

agriturismi bio ecologici torri superiore


Since 2004, the guesthouse at the Ecovillage  has been certified by ICEA – Institute for Ecological and Environmental Certification, and is part of the AIAB network – Italian Organic Agriculture Association (

"Responsible Travel" certification for environmental, social and economic impact

The eco-guesthouse is also associated with the English network “Responsible travel” that certifies the quality of receptive firms, evaluating the impact (environmental, social, economic) on the local realities.  Founded in 2001, it offers the largest responsible and environmentally friendly tourism portal in the world.

Active members of the Italian Academy of Permaculture


permaculture torri superiore ventimiglia liguriaWe are also active members of the Italian Academy of Permaculture ( For many years we have hosted the Secretary of the Academy, and we study and apply the principles of permaculture in the constant development of the project of our Ecovillage.