Ecovillaggio Torri Superiore
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the resident community

The community residing in Torri Superiore began with a first small group in 1993, and now has about 20 permanent members, including 8 children and teen-agers. Although it is not easy to define what holds the residents together as a community, they can be described as people engaged in a common project of reconstruction of the abandoned village, education and responsible, low impact living.  Each household is a living unit with its own kitchen, but residents prefer to eat almost always together in the common rooms of the guesthouse.

Residents of the community follow the daily activities that take place in Torri: the organization of events, celebrations, parties, artistic activities; they coordinate and manage the restoration work, and develop agriculture programs (which currently include olive oil production, vegetables and fruit for self-consumption) in collaboration with local farmers and small farms.

The community meets once a week and makes its decisions with consensus decision making method. The common language of the group is Italian.

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