Ecovillaggio Torri Superiore

"Terre Di Confine” Network

Six companies, active in the agriculture, tourist-reception and “green” economy, engaged in the construction of a social, economic, working and structural change. It is based on criteria of environmental and social responsibility, and contrast  the profound inequalities existing in our society. The network “Le Terre di Confine” is made by 6 companies that intend to collaborate, exchange information and knowledge, engage in common activities, experiment and develop research. The aim is to promote an extended and profound revival of the network’s reference territories, the Valleys Bevera, Roja and Nervia and all the Ligurian municipalities bordering France (Ventimiglia, Olivetta San Michele, Airole, Dolceacqua, Rocchetta Nervina, Pigna and Triora).

The way through which we search for this new momentum, for too long marginal areas, goes through the increase of local agricultural production, ecological tourism, Presidium of the Territory, the promotion of energy efficiency with low environmental impact, and promotion of research.
Every activity of the network is based on the utmost attention to full ethical, social, economic and environmental sustainability.

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Cristina Medici Agricultural Farm

This farm cultivates the Aloe arborescens, and many varieties of succulent plants, in the hamlet of Torri. Aloe (“the miracle plant”) grows in terraces far from any pollution and is suitable for therapeutic and healthcare purposes. Plants and leaves are for sale at the indoor market (Box No. 3), and the company also proposes the “Extract of Father Zago”, produced in the shop “I Sapori della Tavola”. It has a fundamental role in the creation of the Creatorri association that operates for the relaunch of the Val Bevera.

Cristina Medici Agricultural Farm
Via Lungobevera 7, Ventimiglia

Ture Nirvane Cooperative Society

It manages the guesthouse of the Ecovillage Torri Superiore, owned by the Cultural association, created in the medieval village once in abandonment. It deals with ecological tourism and training, information and cultural promotion in the field of environmental and social sustainability.


The holiday house offers comfortable rooms, dining rooms, a library, a large panoramic lounge for trainings and meetings and a restaurant with healthy, organic food, and family cuisine.

Cooperative company Ture Nirvane Ltd

Via Torri Superiore 5, Ventimiglia

Spes Società Cooperative Society

Born from the association Spes (Relatives and Friends of handicapped), the cooperative has as fields of intervention the social agriculture and the catering. The central commitment is the path of socio-working integration of Persons with disabilities: Twelve disabled people cultivate in the greenhouses in the locality Varase biological products, then processed in the cooking laboratories (family house The Smile and Social center of Roverino) In which thirteen other boys operate. The products are sold in the shop self-managed, and the vegetables at school cantecan.

The SPES social cooperative integrates differently abled persons and refugees
SPES is partner of the Network Terre di Confine created with Ecovillage Torri Superiore

Social Cooperative Society Spes
Località Varase, Ventimiglia

Azienza agricola Wilna Benso

Bio-farming at SPES social cooperative, a partner of Torri Superiore Ecovillage