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Il muro a secco autocostruito nel centro dell'Ecovillaggio

Course: Reconstruct the dry stone walls, with Stefano Vanzetto

Dry stone walls have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site (December 2018). This practical course will teach you how to rebuild dry stone walls starting from the base, using ancient techniques and a lot of personal experience acquired in these twenty years of work at the Ecovillage (and surroundings).
After a brief theoretical introduction on the history and functionality of dry stone walls in Liguria, the practical part will deal with the excavation of old collapsed walls and the subsequent reconstruction without the use of cement. Various techniques, tricks of the trade and tricks to be used depending on the places and situations will be explained. Some embellishment interventions will also be carried out with special techniques (building a staircase, making a low wall in curves, inserting the new wall in the old wall, using particular materials).
Space will also be dedicated to the care of one’s body, an indispensable working tool, and to the dynamics of group work to be able to “build” in strength and union.
The course will last two days and will be open to a maximum of 15 participants.
Price: € 200 including two days full board (price without stay € 120 including two lunches).


May 18 2019 - May 19 2019


09:00 - 19:00



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