Car rides after the French border

Nice (about 45' on A10 (Italy) – A8 (France)

The capital of the Côte d’azur, in the heart of a region of timeless beauty, Nice presents itself in all its splendid diversity: City of History, architecture, culture, art, creativity, events, shows, sports, leisure, nature, sweetness, flavours & colours. Nice preserves the authentic charm of a Mediterranean city and offers a variety of activities and visits.

Walking through Nice: Avenue Jean Médecin and Place Masséna (recently renovated and enriched by 7 statues that illuminate at night); Vieux Nice (old Nice) with its narrow, lively streets, its history, its Baroque architectural heritage, the fruit and vegetable market, with flowers and local handicrafts; the famous Promenade des Anglais (7 km of beaches), rendez-vous of runners, cyclists and those who love to stroll; the Castle hill from where you can enjoy an exceptional view of the Bay of Angels, the roofs of the old City and the southern foothills.

The museums are many, often with free entrance: Chagall Museum, Matisse Museum, Museum of Modern and Contemporary art (MAMAC), Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Asian Arts.

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In the heart of the city was born an urban park of 12 hectares, linking the museum of Modern and Contemporary art (MAMAC) to the Teatre de Verdure and the Promenade des Anglais.

To go to Nice by car: Exit Nice Nord, follow towards the parking lot “Parcazur Las Planas”; the T1 tram line is located in the car park and brings you to the city centre (approx. 15 ‘); the round trip ticket (€3) is valid for the payment of the parking. We advise against entering the city centre by car.

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Menton (about 25' by car along the coast)

The cheerful and colourful town of Menton is one of the most visited destinations on the Côte d’azur, a city perched overlooking the sea, known for its gardens, beaches and museums. The old part with ochre-coloured houses is set alongside the colourful and vibrant buildings of the waterfront area. Dominates the landscape the Basilica of Saint-Michel Archange, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the panorama to Ventimiglia. The pedestrian street Saint Michel is full of shops, stalls and clubs of all kinds, including bars and restaurants.

Menton is famous for its beaches of white pebbles and fine sand, but also for its parks and gardens, including the famous Fontana Rosa garden. Among the museums of the city, we remind the Museum of Fine Arts in the ancient summer residence of the princes of Monaco, the Museum of Regional prehistory, and especially the Jean Cocteau museum that dominates the square in front of the municipal market: a casket of cement and steel nestled on the seafront, which collects more than 2000 works of the artist thanks to the donation of the collector Severin Wunderman.

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Eze (approx. 50' drive on A10 (Italy) – A8 (France)

Despite being the smallest village on the Côte d’Azur, it is worth a stop to admire the glance of these houses suspended on a rock spike. It is such a picturesque place, much loved by several famous personalities: here spent his holidays Walt Disney and always here got married the Edge, the guitarist of U2. Eze’s origins are ancient, they seem to date back even at the time of the Phoenicians, and over the centuries the town was repeatedly contested between France, the Duchy of Savoy and the Kingdom of Sardinia and Piedmont until in 1860 its inhabitants voted unanimously the Reannexation to France.

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Saorge (about 50' by car, on the SS20 - direction Cuneo)

It is located in the Maritime Alps, on the Franco-Italian border.

Perched village, forty kilometers from Menton, and has beautiful views on the gorges of the river Roya. Populated since the Roman times, Saorge was for a long time part of the Municipality of Ventimiglia.

It became part of the County of Savoy at the end of the XIV century, and was the scene of many destructions and military attacks in the following centuries. The village becomes again French in the mid-19th century due to a referendum by the inhabitants. Today, Saorge is a famous tourist site for its proximity to Italy, but also for its architectural heritage and its wide range of sports and outdoor activities.

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Sospel (Sospello) (approx. 50' by car, on SS20 - direction Cuneo)

Sospello is located 20 km from Menton, at about 350 meters of altitude, at the gates of the National Park of Mercantour and near the Italian border of Liguria, with the province of Imperia, from which it is just a few kilometers away. It is a small quiet medieval village, situated on the shores of the Bevera stream (which is born from the peaks of La Calmette). It is famous for its “Old bridge” toll, one of the last of Europe, a fortified bridge of the XIII century in excellent conditions.

The county of Sospello, which was historically part of the county of Nice, was ceded by the Kingdom of Sardinia to France after the referendum of April 1860 favorable to annexation. The territory of the commune of Sospel belongs geographically to the Italian physical region, being within the catchment area of the Roya river.

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Valley of Wonders and Casterino (approx. 60' by car, on SS20 - direction Cuneo)

Near Tende, not far from Italy, we find this beautiful valley known for its prehistoric engravings and it beautiful forests and lakes, rich in fauna and flora.

At the foot of Mount Bego (2200 Mt.),  in a narrow and austere valley, dotted with boulders, we find the most famous rock engravings, dating back about 5000 years ago: “The Magician”, the “Christ”, “the Chieftain”.

The start for the Valley of Wonders, in the commune of Tenda, is at Lake Les Mesches, where you will find a service of guided tours at a reasonable price, organized by the park of Mercantour. Casterino is a small tourist resort full of accommodation facilities and the starting base to organize visits to the Valley of Wonders, the Valley of Fontanalba, the Valmasque, the Rocca Dell’Abyss and the forts of the Colle di Tenda.

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